Project Details

  • Project Features & Description

    A leading street wear clothing brand based in the UK and worn by many English celebrities, which was established in 2011 and have seen a sumptuous growth in a small span within the teenagers and youngsters. This leads to keeping the brand young, quirky and edgy as much as possible and their repertoire says itself.

    The Challenge

    The company was struggling to cope up the consumer on their existing Magento website and have seen outage on big days like Black Friday and Boxing day. So company's E-commerce manager Shiv Arora approached us to look into their website and basically to sort out the speed and scalability issues.

    Quicker And Easier To Shop

    Alliance E-commerce has helped the brand to overcome these issues by migrating their two main websites to Amazon web services and added the features of Auto scalability and Varnish Cache, which increase the speed of website by 10 times and till today they didn't see any outage after migration. On top of that, website has tested 10 times users successfully.

    A Big, Bold New Look

    After the back-end support, Hype was looking for a brand new look to hover their users before Black Friday and Alliance has done the best job for them, as mentioned by company itself.

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Shiv Arora


Justhype AEC came as best helping hand to achieve the targets what company had. Using Magento as platform, We struggled a lot in-house to sort out the issue and scalibity, speed of website and ended up nowhere. Chetan ( Alliance Director) has picked up the issue from the very start and was extremely helpful to give us the solution in very short span of time and he and his team is truely beyond the words for me. His team not only delivered what we asked, however, delivered 2 IOS + Android applications in an unachievable timespan again. Now they are working on out Shopify based website as well. Kudos to Chetan and his team. Well done!