Project Details

  • Project Features & Description

    The Gym wear clothing brand, which hovered up within the UK industry like a storm and was branded by none other than UK strongest man Eddie Hall, wrote the success in many tabloids in Britain. The Brand was started in 2013 and now is one of the fastest growing Gym wear brands within the UK and well receipted by celebrities and youngsters.

    The Challenge

    Being a young brand with limited resources, Company's focus was to get the clothing best, and though being website the main channel of sales, Design, and Functionality was not at a satisfactory level. Their manager approached us to give the website a new look and feel to increase conversion and user engagement.

    It Is BIG...

    XPLOSIVE APE is being brand ambassador by none other than Eddie Hall, UK's strongest man. He has won many bodybuilding championships in the UK and around Globe. Other than that, the Brand has been worn by many other English celebrities, which speaks to the love brand is getting around the globe.

    Ease Of Navigation

    AEC has given a new look and feels to the website by focusing on customer journeys and by adding more options & easy checkout. We worked on navigation, merchandising, delivery, and checkout system heavily to push the design and functionalities by far the best on the website.

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